A New Set Of Lungs

by Hot Cross

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Debut EP by ex-members of Saetia, You & I, Neil Perry, Joshua Fit For Battle, Off Minor, The Now and Interpol.


released March 1, 2001

Recorded by Jonathan Kreinik with assistance by Nikhil Ranada at American Studios
Mastered by Alan Douchess at WWSide Music
Cover photo by Erin Nicole Brown
Inside photo by Jessica Abramovich
Layout by Matt Smith



all rights reserved


Hot Cross Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Born On The Cusp
You've done your part taken for granted turned in time
Make this right, I gave up, now give up
Everything we ever wanted stayed the same
Broken bones and cracked skulls feel like sore thumbs and headaches.
To the nail sticking up that gets hammered down.
Blood burning bright upon ripped lips tastes like the end of inertia and the start of our lives.
These days, I can't be asked to worry about where the personas have gone
Whether or not they've ever made sense or to care what they were originally based on
And all of my good sense has fallen through cracks and left its mark in other places far deeper than I could ever imagine
No one here gets out alive
420 to fill it up.
Track Name: History Fell In The Heart Broke Open
12 x 12 lives to live
The dimensions of disaster keep this ark afloat with letters posted at the price of pride
And they fail us
Yet flow with the missed chance of one last taste of affection
You have nothing on these miserable jokes of intimate pasts and the rose coloured lense of truth
And all the unconscious unfolded unspoken
There's something to be said for the ones you think of last when there's nothing left to salvage from your fucking past
I've stopped drawing that scene and started speaking in tongues
A new state of mind is long overdue
it's time I inhaled with a new set of lungs
Track Name: Between Minutes And Miles
I've learned these years
in pulses and rhythms etched into stone
by leaving my heart in too many shells
before really setting into my own
Take it away
And now I'm going through motions but not moving on
and I'm expecting irony to linger long after humor has gone
And what's left to feel when time tells tall tales of what may have could have never was
Solutions always few and far between.
Yet just ahead, left for dead
turned aside and abandoned to reality instead.
And so we're aimless caught behind and left without
its worse than morbid and less than funny the way it's turned out.
Track Name: Lend Me Your Brain (I'm Building An Idiot)
You can lead the punks to reason
but you can't make them think
and lifelong trouble with the burning fists
and angry hearts of america's young is a fear of the new
and the narrow outdated tunnels they see the world through
And where to turn but up ones own ass
where the answers are free but shit nonetheless
We're used to the smell and content with the mess
because a slogan's much easier than a second guess
And still we water paper flowers
thinking we've found the way for tomorrow
lest we forget
the empty heads will always be the first
to try and kill what's already dead
Track Name: Putting The Past Right
I will say this
9 out of 10 times when you trust yourself
the inevitable finds you back in the place
you've been begging to avoid
And when it all comes back to the identical conversations
as insignificant as yesterday's
you hope to realize that your first instinct is always the right one
it's better to run from a death knell than to fight one
This is always true
Ironic that the first to argue is always the one you're on about
ironic that you're always the last to trust your own plans
and even worse that you're unavoidably the object of your own guilt
Track Name: 4:A030401
It's always hardest to discuss what you should
and you're never guiltier than when your intentions are good
And we're held together
but my arms don't stretch so far anymore and thought the situation taunts
and the sleepless energy of a stranger scrawls random letters you avoid
the self absorbed frenzy of isolation
grief and nostalgia makes reality of myths
and turns apology into indictment
These words kill
And it makes sense that we're here
and it makes a mess to deny how far we're come
and how much further we've to fall
Track Name: Finger Redux
Sifting through 3 years
8 months and a handful of dust like shadows
Falling through a matrix of "wish I hads"
And it's much harder to see how much space was taken
When your chest pounds with the footsteps of those you've forsaken
Its a shame isn't it
The way these hours spin out of control
And how the tighter your grip on the why
And the how insures a faster demise to a here and a now
There's no strength in numbers is the one thing I've found
And you can't trust your balance
Until you've walked with your feet on the ground
Track Name: The Eye Is a Tricky Machine
And so I stopped for a minute.
I stopped and stood still and let time pass or run out a lot sooner than I can or I will.
And I could give a fuck about voices or pictures or what we’ve known or what we’ve said cause it’s all wrapped up in star or stripes or left to awful dreams inside my head.
I’m failing to understand what I’ve never looked for over a shoulder, all the while overstepping the obvious, falling short or shame.
Putting my hand over my heart, but forgetting its name.
My finger’s on the pulse… and though this pen writes we still live in a world waiting to be written.
Track Name: In Memory of Morvern
Look ahead with forward eyes.
And it all stood still for us.
It's either that or run and hide.
So still in fact, that our planted feet coasted back towards a circumstance you'd never fathom.
I've taken my cue, passed through countless masks, spit years of plans and watched them all fall through.
Your eyes like mortar, made of looks that can kill.
Reborn, but not alive.
A want for strength we lacked in former lives.
Put it on. Look away, we look the same.
A calendar has less time then I do.
This was all due to expire in a past life, and funny how it followed me here with all the same voices, cautions, smiles and fears.
I've spread myself to thin again.
I've hollowed out logic looking for explanations and found nothing but my own universe to dwell in again, and I'm not so sure I've goteen any wiser with age